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bmotiontech is a trader and manufacturer of vacuum fittings. Most of the products are "Made in China". “Made in China" is some how represent poor quality and cheap price. However, it is not a must. All bmotiontech engineers were worked in renowned wafer fab or solar cell fab CVD & PVD department before. We are all hands-on  engineers and specialized in vacuum technology. We know how to identity good quality parts for vacuum technology. 

If we were just a drop shipper, we would have picked cheapest parts even though they were defective. Some China sellers selling extremely cheap because they collected all the out of control parts from "Taobao" ans sold to the market again. Scrap is supposed to be scrapped but it finally comes back to market through eBay, Amazon & Aliexpress.

The start-up story of bmotiontech is because we bought a batch of  "1/4" NPT x KF25 flange adapter" from a eBay China seller. It turned out to be a 1/4" BSPT x KF25 flange adapter". At that time, we needed those adapters very urgent and this became a disaster then. How can a drop shipper understand the different between BSP and NPT thread? They looks the same from their point of view. 

This sparkled us to remedy this situation. We then decided to provide good quality china made vacuum parts and at reasonable price.